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                                                LL.M. International Law & Maritime Law, University of Hertfordshire, UK


                                                Master of Science, University of La Verne, U.S.A.

                                                          Major :           Business Organizational Management


                                                Bachelor of Arts, Manhattan College, U.S.A.

                                                          Majors :         Mathematics and Computer Science

                                                                                 Religious Studies


                                                Diplomas  : Internal Audit,               University of Athens, GR

                                                                     Lending,                        Chartered Institute of Bankers, UK

                                                                     Management of IT,       Chartered Institute of Bankers, UK

                                                                     Project Management,  ALBA, GR


                                                Member, Institute of Data Processing Management, U.K.


                                                Inventor / Registered Patents on:

                                                    - Cross Side Visibility System                                     (Greek Patent Office 1009443/23-01-2019)

                                                    - Safekeeping Alert for Persons and Objects             (Greek Patent Office 1005470/23-03-2007)

                                                    - Universal Screwdriver                                                (Greek Patent Office 1007181/07-02-2011)

                                                    - Wrench Key                                                                 (Greek Patent Office 1007179/31/01-2011)

                                                    - Medical Stethoscope                                                  (Greek Patent Office 1007182/07-02-2011)


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