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Soteris Charalambous boasts over 30 years of highly diversified experience. 

Started his career as an assistant accountant in Oman.  He continued in Oman as Computer Programmer / Analyst involved in the development of custom a ERP System for an international construction company.  Moved to Greece as Supervisor & Senior Consultant on IT and Management issues for major International Accounting & Consulting firms.  Later he moved to Cyprus as Lending & Banking Officer involved in Lending and a major Bank Restructuring, where he also lectured on Banking & Management issues.  His career continued as Senior Manager of Organization in Greece for a major International Securities Management Company and later on as Director of BPR & Organization for a major Greek Bank. His background and experience proved of importance in order to serve as an Advisor to the Minister of Mercantile Marine of Greece on Audit & Compliance issues.

Upon completion of his term he serves as an Independent International Consultant in various industries for SME.


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